COVID-19 Test Kit Information

As of June 2022, no-cost COVID-19 test kits are no longer distributed through this program. Please find resources and information about COVID-19 test kits below.

Options for Free or Reimbursed COVID-19 Tests

Please note that many antigen tests have been given extended expiration dates:

The Department of Health does not regulate medical waste. Please follow the manufacturers recommendations or your state’s disposal guidelines of used and unused/expired test kits:

The information below was provided to schools and districts in SY21-22 to support their COVID-19 testing programs in tandem with the distribution of test kits.

Over-the-Counter Test Kits

Home test kits are available for distribution to staff, students, and immediate household members. Schools and districts do not need to have a CLIA Certificate of Waiver in place to order and distribute.

School-Administered Test Kits

You will need to follow the guidelines on this page before your school or district may use test kits (please note that these steps do not apply to Over-the-Counter orders).

Abbott BinaxNOW

Abbott BinaxNOW is a rapid antigen test with a 15 minute processing time. Samples are collected using a small swab into the front of the nose.

BD Veritor

BD Veritor is a rapid antigen test with a 15 minute processing time. Samples are collected through a small swab in the front of the nose. This test must be administered by trained school personnel. BD Veritor kits come with an analyzer for easy interpretation.


The Accula rapid PCR test is a digital platform that provides results in approximately 30 minutes.

Certain Accula tests with manufacture dates of December 30, 2021, to January 1, 2022, and January 15, 2022, to January 23, 2022, are being recalled for risk of false positives caused by contamination. Per the FDA, if you have Accula tests manufactured during those dates, stop using them immediately and dispose of or return the remaining inventory. Customers with questions or concerns about this recall may contact Mesa Biotech at 1-858-800-4929, or 1-800-955-6288 and select option 2. As of today, no New Mexico schools have received recalled tests from PMG. Click this link to find the lot numbers for tests that are being recalled.

  • Accula Patient Information Sheet: English