Program Overview

School Year 2022-2023

In School Year 22-23, the New Mexico Reopening of Schools (ELC) program is continuing to offer financial and technical support for K-12 schools and districts implementing a COVID-19 testing program.

In response to school and district feedback, unspent funds from the Direct Funding component of the New Mexico Schools COVID-19 Testing program in SY21-22 were carried over into the new school year.

This year, schools and districts also have two new opportunities to receive additional funding or pre-purchase reimbursement approval.

  1. Schools and districts may request funds above their initial allocated amount. Supplemental funding will be allocated on a “first come, first serve,” basis, according to funds available.
  2. Schools and districts will be able to request preapproval for use of funds. This may be necessary if a school or district would like to first confirm they will be reimbursed for a large expense before moving forward.

To make your request, please submit a Supplemental Funding and Expense Preapproval Form to be reviewed by the NMDOH/NMPED review committee. We may take up to one month to approve your request. Requests will be approved according to:

  • The total amount of funds available in this grant
  • The appropriateness of the described expenses
  • The level of resources available regionally
  • The expediency that the school/district could expend the funds

For more information, visit the Direct Funding Guidance page, join us at Office Hours, or send us an email at

Changes from School Year 2021-2022

  • Full-Service Testing

    No-cost testing through Premier Medical Group (PMG) and Curative will no longer be directly supported through this program as of June 24, 2022. If you wish to continue using a full-service testing vendor, you may engage in a separate contract with these or other contractors. You may request reimbursement from your Direct Funding allocation for any fees or costs associated with testing services or test kit orders. Please feel free to reach out to your PMG regional manager or Curative representative to discuss testing options for next year.

  • School-Administered Testing Services

    Test kits are no longer available through the New Mexico Schools COVID-19 Testing Program. Schools may contract with another vendor or manufacturer to receive test kits and testing supplies. Additional resources will be shared through this website.

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