Supplemental Funding and Expense Preapproval Form

Form Instructions

The purpose of this form is to support school's and district's flexibility to make reimburseable expenses through the New Mexico Schools COVID-19 Testing Direct Funding Program.

Please use this form to:

  1. Request funds above your school/district's initial allocation, either because all funds were spent in SY 21-22 or you expect to exceed your allocation in SY 22-23.
  2. Request preapproval for expenses that you would like to make but need assurance that they would be reimbursed.

Responses to this form will be reviewed by an NMDOH/NMPED committee. You may be contacted if we have additional questions. If your request is approved, you will receive notice via email. We may take up to one month to approve your request. Requests will be approved based on:

  1. The total amount of funds available in this grant
  2. The appropriateness of the described expenses
  3. The level of resources available regionally
  4. The expediency that the school/district could expend the funds

Supplemental Funding and Expense Preapproval Form