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COVID-19 Testing Program

Through a federal grant from the CDC, New Mexico public school districts, public charters, nonpublic, Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and tribally-controlled schools have access to additional funding and support for their COVID-19 testing and screening program.

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The NM DOH hosts virtual trainings and webinars to support access to the COVID-19 Testing and Screening Program.

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Program Options & Requirements

A. Full-Service COVID-19 Testing with Premier Medical Group (PMG)Connection to PMG, a full-service screening and diagnostic testing program vendor, at no cost.
B. COVID-19 Test Training Services by PMGTraining from PMG to supplement their full-service testing program, or else so that the school can do it on their own. In this option, the tests used by staff will be at no cost.
C. School Abbott BinaxNOW ProgramOpportunity to order no-cost Abbott BinaxNOW rapid antigen testing kits.
D. Direct FundingDirect support to develop your school COVID-19 program, including hiring new staff, supplementing time for existing staff, reimbursement for your CLIA Wavier licensing fee, biological waste management service fees, required equipment and other related costs.
E. Health Information SystemSupport for an electronic healthcare information database and reporting systems.
*Schools and districts may select any combination of programs, subject to their eligibility.

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