Direct Funding Expense Reporting

Reporting may be submitted for COVID-19 prevention, mitigation, and response expenses incurred from July 1, 2021 to the present date.
Public districts and charters have the option to use their own accounting systems to prepare a request for reimbursement, in which case the instructions below should be modified. Click the button below for more information.
My school/district will use our accounting system to prepare this program's report (Public Districts and Charters Only)


There are three steps to submitting a reimbursement request.

  1. Complete the Detailed Expense Report to indicate all the line items that you will be requesting in this report.
  2. Upload all of your documentation, including the Detailed Expense Report to the share link provided on the reimbursement request page.
  3. Click submit below and complete the verification to finalize your request.


Step 1: Complete the Detailed Expense Report

Click the button below to download the Detailed Expense Report template. Complete it as best as you can, and then upload it to the share link in Step 2. Don't forget to note the totals indicated in the last tab of the spreadsheet. This template is also saved within your share folder for easy access.

Download the Detailed Expense Report Template (Updated 5.12.22)

If you are requesting reimbursement for staffing, please download and submit the "Additional Justification for Staffing Document"

Download the Additional Justification for Staffing Document

Step 2: Upload Documentation to Share Link

Access your unique share link below. Upload all the receipts you are using for documentation for your reimbursement request in the appropriate folder. You will have to copy and past this link into your browser to access.

The unique share link for is

Step 3: Finalize your Request