School-Administered Rapid Antigen Testing

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The School-Administered Rapid Antigen testing option supports schools with Point of Care (PoC) testing on students and staff by providing no-cost rapid antigen test kits. This is a great option for schools who want to do any testing with their own staff.

Rapid Antigen Point-of-Care Testing Checklist

Last Updated 2/10/2022

To perform Point-of-Care testing with rapid antigen tests, all schools need the following. To get started on the process, ensure you are registered at or contact us with questions. Technical support is available on our website and through

An Up-to-Date CLIA Certificate of Waiver

This is an allowable expense under Program Option D - Direct Funding.

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Registration into SimpleReports
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Please ensure your school has an adequate supply of PPE and all testing staff have reviewed CDC guidance on the use of PPE. PPE is an allowable expense under Program Option D - Direct Funding.

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A Biohazard Waste Management Disposal Service

If you are conducting any PoC testing, including COVID-19 testing, you will need to make arrangements with a waste management company or make other arrangements (some have agreements with their School Based Health Center) for biohazard waste management. This is an allowable expense under Program Option D - Direct Funding.

Manufacturer Training

The district or school must either receive COVID-19 test training from PMG or complete the online training for each COVID-19 test product (each testing product will have a different training).

Standing Order

You are required to obtain a NMDOH Standing Order to Administer Point of Care (rapid) COVID-19 Tests to participate in this testing program. All program requirements must be met prior to receiving authorization and access to the test kit ordering system. Standing orders will be issued through after verification of checklist completion.

Alerts and Updates

1/21/2021: BD Veritor COVID-19 /Flu A+B Protocol

Click here for more information on what to do if you receive a test kit that includes Flu A+B detection.

Rapid Antigen Basics

For more common question about rapid antigen, visit our FAQs