SimpleReport 101

SimpleReport, a CDC platform, is a fast, free, and easy way for schools and school districts to report results to public health departments. It allows you to upload a list of students and staff-which retains their information so you only have to update with the date and result for every test, reminders for when to test, and stores all results for you to revisit. It is entirely web based, anyone can use it, and multiple people can use it at one time (i.e. a school nurse could enter a result while a teacher is entering another result).

Registration in SimpleReport is required for any school or school district conducting their own COVID-19 testing. Schools and school districts that exclusively use a full-service COVID-19 testing service are not required to use SimpleReport.
You will need to submit all positive and negative test results to NMDOH through SimpleReport within 24 hours of the test result .

Requesting a SimpleReport Account

To start the process, you will need to request an account for your organization.

Once you have done so, you will need to enter in your personal contact details and verify your identity.

You may notice that SimpleReport will ask for your permission to utilize the identity verification service provided by a company called Experian. SimpleReport uses their PreciseID product, which takes personal information about someone like home address, legal name, etc. and then pulls questions only that person can answer. If they answer the questions accurately, their ID is verified and their SimpleReport account is activated. If they do not answer them correctly or the system was not able to "find them" based on their personal details, we route them to schedule a video call with our support team.

Only one person from an organization needs to request access to SimpleReport. This is typically the account administrator. If you are an organization with multiple testing locations, the account administrator can add additional testing locations and staff members to the account at any time after the account has been activated. Again, there should only be one administrator for your entire organization.

After requesting access for your organization and your account has been activated, you can log in and start using SimpleReport. If you are interested in training for SimpleReport, it is a series of self-paced videos and lasts about 30 minutes.

Please note when adding a new testing facility, you will be asked to provide your unique CLIA Certificate of Waiver ID number and NPI number. If you do not have a NPI number, please enter the following: 4799999999. For instructions on completing your CLIA Certificate of Waiver, visit our explainer here.

SimpleReport Webinar

You can watch a webinar with the SimpleReport team on our Resources page.

User Guide

For more information, reference
the User Guide at this link.
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