New Rapid Antigen Test Option Available


As circumstances change quickly in the COVID-19 landscape, there have been significant delays in the Abbott BinaxNOW supply chain. To support schools with as many testing options as possible, we have added a new option to the School-Administered Rapid Antigen Program Option: the BD Veritor Plus System.

This new rapid antigen PoC testing system will report results just as quickly as the Abbott BinaxNOW system but includes a digital analyzer which will help to simplify the interpretation of results.

The process for receiving the BD Veritor option will require a couple onboarding steps, similar to what was completed for the Abbott BinaxNOW onboarding.

  1. Ensure BD Veritor is included as an approved test on your CLIA Certificate of Waiver:
    • Please contact the Department of Health Improvement at and request the addition of the new testing option. Please include your current CLIA ID number and the specific test name and manufacturer in your email to DHI. Please see the list below for a list of tests used in the program, we recommend including each test on your CLIA in case you may need to change your testing options in the future.
    • You will receive an emailed confirmation of the CLIA update. Please forward that confirmation to
  2. Complete the BD Veritor manufacturer training:
  3. Confirm your biohazard waste management plan:
    • If you are conducting any PoC testing, including COVID-19 testing, you will need to make arrangements with a waste management company or make other arrangements (some have agreements with their School Based Health Center) for biohazard waste management.

Once all steps have been completed, please notify to complete the onboarding process. Our team will provide you with an updated Standing Order, the test order forms, and new consent forms.

Review our Complete School-Based Rapid Antigen Guidance