New Data Dashboard Added to School COVID-19 Testing Website


This website now hosts a data dashboard that provides real-time information about the status of the State’s COVID-19 testing program in the schools. Funded by a federal grant from the CDC, the grant provides services and funding to New Mexico public school districts, public charters, nonpublic, Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and tribally-controlled schools to support their COVID-19 testing and screening program. The dashboard includes:

  • Total number of participating schools
  • Percentage of school districts registered
  • Registrations by School/District Type
  • Registration by Public Health Region
  • Number of schools/districts selecting full-service provider testing
  • Number of schools/districts opting into training from PMG
  • Number of schools/districts participating tin the Abbott BinaxNOW program
  • Number of schools/districts requesting direct funding
  • Percentage of 12 – 17 year old fully vaccinated by county
  • Percentage of 12 – 17 year receiving at least one vaccine by county
  • Percentage of 12 – 17 year fully vaccinated and additional shot by county

Details of specific schools included in data can be found by selected “Show data” on the top right of each report.