Award letter released to New Mexico public school districts, public charters, nonpublic, Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and tribally-controlled schools


All schools who have registered for direct funding through have received a letter from the NM Department of Health and the NM Public Education Department notifying them of the financial award amount granted to them the federal grant from the CDC to provide access to funding for their COVID-19 testing and screening program.

This program is made possible through the CDC CK 19-1904 COVID-19 Supplemental Funds ELC Reopening Schools Grant, part of the American Rescue Plan of 2021. The total award for New Mexico is $63,000,000, 85% of which must be used to directly or indirectly support school COVID-19 testing and screening.

To opt into the program, schools/district must register at and select Program Option D. After your registration is processed, schools/districts will receive a letter via email to the addresses provided, notifying you of your school/district’s total funding amount. In a separate email, you will receive a document signature request from HelloSign. The document for signature contains additional information, options for how to receive your funding and allowable costs.