School Abbott BinaxNOW Program Readiness Checklist

The following checklist will help your school or district prepare for PoC COVID-19 Testing and Screening.


CLIA Certificate of Waiver

Each school site where COVID-19 testing is conducted has received a CLIA Certificate of Waiver from the New Mexico Division of Health Improvement OR has partnered with an entity to do testing who has a CLIA Certificate of Waiver to perform tests.

Requirements for the certificate are to complete the application linked above, pay the  $180 certification fee (valid for 2 years and reimbursable through the school award grant), and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the test that you are performing.

CLIA Certificate of Waiver Application

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The school testing site has adequate supply of PPE and will be able to procure additional PPE as is needed. Staff involved in testing have reviewed CDC guidance on  the use of PPE. Personnel testing or collecting specimens or within 6 feet of person being tested must wear a a surgical/medical grade mask, eye protection, gloves and gown. Gloves should be changed between handling of specimens.

CDC Guidance on Use of PPE

Communication, Consent and Notification Processes

The school or school district has processes to communicate testing program to families and staff, ability to acquire testing consent and notify individuals of their results.

Reporting Requirements

The school or school district has received training on the use of Simple Reports and will use this reporting process to report test results daily to NM DOH, and if appropriate to the NM PED. Schools using Full-Service Provider Testing are to ensure appropriate daily reporting to the NM DOH (Data platform for transferring to Simple Reports).

Medical Waste

Each school site has a mechanism to safely dispose of used testing material by means of partnering with local hospitals, public health offices, school based health centers, community providers, pharmacies to take used Biohazard waste and/ or containers or have contracted with a waste management service, such as SteriCycle.

Plan for Safe Isolation and Quarantine

Each school has an Isolation Room that has adult supervision and a procedure in place.